Epee cropped

The "excursion weapon," which builds on the foundation of foil and delves into the elements of a "real" fight.

Origins: In the mid to late 19th century, swordsmen had begun to argue that the foil was too academic, largely because it was common for foilists to ignore a hit that would have done real damage if the sword had been sharp, because it did not follow the rules of foil fencing. The epee (the French word for sword) was developed as a training tool after the conventions of the duel to “first blood,” which is reflected in the target area and suspension of right of way.

The Weapon:  Larger bell guard, 35 inch triangular cross-section blade, french grip.

The Danger Zone: Just like foil, the epee is a point weapon only, so successful attacks may only be delivered with the point, using a thrust.

The Target Area:  The entire body.

Right of Way Rule:  No

"Although some of these actions may seem difficult to perform, none the less you should take care to practice them well, as all aid a man who heeds the points, lines, times, and measure that ultimately govern this activity."
Camillo Agrippa