The "teaching weapon," which establishes a foundation of knowledge, control, and thought.

Origins: At one time, a foil was any teaching or practice weapon which had a point that was folded back or blunted. Over time it has become its own weapon.

The Weapon: 30-35 inch blade with quadrilateral cross-section, circular, figure eight, or clam-shell bell guard (coquille).

The Danger Zone: The foil is a point weapon, so successful attacks may only be delivered with the point of the weapon, using a thrust.

The Target Area: The torso and the bib. (The arms, head, and anything below the hip bone are excluded.)

Right of Way Rule: Yes

"It is necessary, if you wish to be accomplished in the practice of arms, not only to know how to attack well with the point, perform a good feint, or pass well with both your left and right foot.  You must also understand the counters to these techniques, that is how to defend against them with grace."
Nicoletto Giganti