The "teaching weapon," which establishes a foundation of knowledge, control, and thought.

Origins: At one time, a foil was any teaching or practice weapon which had a point that was folded back or blunted. Over time it has become its own weapon.

The Weapon: 30-35 inch blade with quadrilateral cross-section, circular, figure eight, or clam-shell bell guard (coquille).

The Danger Zone: The foil is a point weapon, so successful attacks may only be delivered with the point of the weapon, using a thrust.

The Target Area: The torso and the bib. (The arms, head, and anything below the hip bone are excluded.)

Right of Way Rule: Yes

"Although some of these actions may seem difficult to perform, none the less you should take care to practice them well, as all aid a man who heeds the points, lines, times, and measure that ultimately govern this activity."
Camillo Agrippa