Thank You and Goodbye 2015!

2015 has been a busy year for those of us at Second Intent Fencing.  We have changed locations twice and ended up in a great space, welcomed a number of new fencers into the fold, and had a very successful presentation at the St. Louis Wizard Con!  We were able to invite an international instructor, Ties Kool, to offer a wrestling and dagger workshop in March.  We have also offered a beginner class through the St. Charles Community College, with two more courses scheduled in 2016.  Last, but certainly not least, we have managed to get some international exposure through Rebecca Boyd’s participation in the “Back to the Source” documentary, which thoroughly documents current-day HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts).

Thank You:

I want to thank everyone that has joined the club this year – your participation in our shared love of swords and fencing has made this a wonderful year.  I would also like to thank Emily Moore for her excellent instruction, and a number of lessons in humility (I need them!).  I should also thank my wife, Dawn Maurer, for putting up with my addiction to classical fencing and HEMA despite the time I spend away from the family.  It goes without saying how grateful I am to Rebecca Boyd for the opportunity to teach with her and her constant work to strengthening our ties with the HEMA community and enabling this little endeavor.  Lastly, I would say that Brian Stokes’ (of the Schola San Marco) generosity and willingness to spend a long weekend and countless hours discussing questions on all things Fior is the best example of the cooperative spirit of the HEMA community.

Things To Come:

What is there left to do in 2016?  Why, more work, harder work, new drills, and constant striving to be better than we were yesterday.  But to be more specific, see the next blog for what Becca and I are doing to improve Second Intent Fencing both by expanding the curriculum and bringing in instructors and new fencers.

A short blog is not enough space in which to acknowledge all of the people who have contributed in various ways.  Thank you for all of your input, work, and friendship through the last year, and I hope to see you all more in 2016!

"It is necessary, if you wish to be accomplished in the practice of arms, not only to know how to attack well with the point, perform a good feint, or pass well with both your left and right foot.  You must also understand the counters to these techniques, that is how to defend against them with grace."
Nicoletto Giganti