Treatises and Manuals

In HEMA/WMA, we strive to recreate the arts of the fencing masters from the treatises and manuals they wrote. This is by no means intended to be a comprehensive list, only a sampling of resources.

  • Ridolfo Capoferro – Gran Simulacro dell’Arte e dellUso della Scherma (1610)
    • Translation: Ridolfo Capoferro’s The Art and Practice of Fencing, Tom Leoni (2011)
  • Francesco Ferdinando Alfieri – La Scherma (1640)
    • Translation: La Scherma (The Art of Fencing), Carolilne Steward, Phil Marshall & Piermarco Terminello (2012)
  • Camillo Agrippa – Tratto di Scientia d’Arme (1553)
    • Translation: Fencing: A Renaisannce Treatise by Camillo Agrippa – Ken Mondeschein (2009)
  • Nicoletto Giganti – Scola, overo, Teatro: nelquale sono rappresentate diverse maniere, e modi di parare, e di ferire di spada sola, e de spade, e pugnale; dove ogni studioso portra esserciatarsi e farsi prattico nella professione dell’Armi (1606), and (1608)
    • Translation: Venetian Rapier: The School, or Salle – Tom Leoni (2010)
    • Translation: The ‘Lost’ Second Book of Nicoletto Giganti (1608): A Rapier Fencing Treatise – Piermarco Terminello and Joshua Pendragon (2013)
  • Girard Thibault d’Anvers – Academie de l’Espee (1630)
    • Translation: Academy of the Sword: The Mystery of the Spanish Circle in Swordsmanship and Esoteric Arts – John Michael Greer (2006)
  • Henri de Saint-Didier – Traicté Contenant Les Secrets Du Premier Livre Sur L’Espée Seule (1573)
    • Translation: The Single Sword of Henry de Sainct-Didier – Robert Preston Hyatt and Devin Wilson (2009)
  • Domenico Angelo – L’Ecole d’Armes (1763)
  • Fiore Dei Liberi
  • Joachim Meyer
"It is necessary, if you wish to be accomplished in the practice of arms, not only to know how to attack well with the point, perform a good feint, or pass well with both your left and right foot.  You must also understand the counters to these techniques, that is how to defend against them with grace."
Nicoletto Giganti