• Becca
    Rebecca Boyd

    We can learn through study and also through practice, but only by putting them together can we reach our full potential.

    Western Martial Arts Coalition, HEMA Alliance, Second Intent Fencing, Esfinges
    Introductory and Intermediate Classes, Study Groups, Private Lessons
    Favorite Weapons
    Rapier & Dagger, Foil, Dussack
  • tim
    Tim Maurer

    The pen is mightier than the sword. But study both, it is good to have options.

    Second Intent Fencing, St. Louis Fencer’s Club
    Introduction to Foil, Introduction to Sabre
    Favorite Weapons
    Classical Sabre, Combat Sabre
"It is necessary, if you wish to be accomplished in the practice of arms, not only to know how to attack well with the point, perform a good feint, or pass well with both your left and right foot.  You must also understand the counters to these techniques, that is how to defend against them with grace."
Nicoletto Giganti